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What is CCP Certification?
AACE International’s Certified Cost Professional (CCP) certification program is designed to establish credentials to recognize your professional expertise in the field of Cost Engineering. This certification program gives professionals a means to validate their skills and knowledge. CCP certification will distinguish you as a certified professional who has the knowledge and skills that impact the bottom line.

Prospective Course Audience:
The course is intended both those who are interested in becoming CCP Certified, as well as, for those professionals who want to augment or brush-up their Cost Engineering skills. Potential course audience would be project controls engineers, project controls managers, estimators, cost engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers, systems manager of ECPM organizations and all those professional who are associated with cost engineering field.

Course Subscription Plans and Pricing:


Plan * Price Contents
9 months $525 Pre-recorded lectures and quizzes + Participation in Online Workshops and Access to workshop recordings + Technical paper guidance and review/comments by trainer + Option to extend subscription for 3 more months i.e. 12 month total.
6 months $425 Pre-recorded lectures and quizzes + Participation in online workshops and access to workshop recordings + Technical Paper guidance only but NO review/comments by trainer.

* We would recommend students to go through following lecture/contents before buying the course. These contents comprehensively cover introduction to CCP Certification, knowledge and experience requirements to achieve CCP certification, and explains how our course can be beneficial to you for CCP preparation.These modules shall help you choose most suitable subscription plan for you.
1.1 About CCP Certification
1.2 How to use this course

About the Course:
Delivered in English language, this course shall provide you with comprehensive understanding of Cost Engineering knowledge areas. This course is based upon ‘Skills and Knowledge for Cost Engineering 5th ed’ and ‘CCP (CCC/CCE) Certification Study Guide, 3rd ed’ published by AACE International.
This course is delivered through mixed-mode e-learning. This means student shall get access to 30 hours of pre-recorded lectures, tutorials and quizzes, and additional 14 hours of virtual classroom training . The course is developed in a way that students can view pre-recorded lecture, tutorials and take quizzes at their convenience, and shall they need any additional assistance or doubt clarification they may interact with the trainer online through a virtual classroom. Students may also post their question on Q&A forum and trainer can respond to their queries.

The course consists following modules:

1. Introduction
2. Technical Paper Writing
3. Concepts Review
4. Cost
5. Cost Estimation
6. Planning and Scheduling
7. Progress and Cost Control
8. Project Management
9. Economic Analysis
10. Statistics Probability and Risk
11. Compound Questions Tutorial
Course Highlights:

Duration: 35 hours Trainer/Author: Ashutosh Maurya, PMP,CCE Certificate: Yes, 35 PDUs

Number of Course Modules: 11 Delivery Mode: Mixed-Mode e-Learning Download Allowed: No, except few handouts

  • 1.1 All about CCP certification
  • 1.2 How to use this course
  • 1.3 Course Navigation
  • 1.4 Online Classes calendar
  • 1.5 Download Area
  • 2.1 Writing the Technical Paper
  • 3.1 Time Value of Money and Cash Flow
  • 3.2 Breakeven Analysis
  • 3.3 Earned Value Management
  • 3.4 Depreciation
  • 3.5 Communication
  • 4.1 Cost Elements
  • 4.2 Pricing
  • 4.3 Materials
  • 4.4 Labor
  • 4.5 Engineering
  • 4.6 Equipment Parts and Tools
  • 4.7 Economic Cost
  • 4.8 Activity Based Cost Management
  • 4.9 Module Test
  • 5.1 Estimating
  • 5.2 Process Product Manufacturing
  • 5.3 Discrete Product Manufacturing
  • 5.4 Module Tests
  • 6.1 Planning
  • 6.2 Scheduling
  • 6.3 Module Test
  • 7.1 Progress Measurement and Earned Value
  • 7.2 Earn Value and Variable Budget
  • 7.3 Tracking Project Performance
  • 7.4 Labor Cost Control
  • 7.5 Module Test
  • 8.1 Project Management Fundamentals
  • 8.2 Project Organization Structure
  • 8.3 Project Planning
  • 8.4 Leadership and Management of Project People
  • 8.5 Quality Management
  • 8.6 Value Analysis
  • 8.7 Contracting for Capital Projects
  • 8.8 Strategic Asset Management
  • 8.9 Module Test
  • 9.1 Applied Engineering Economics
  • 9.2 Module Test
  • 10.1 Statistics & Probability
  • 10.2 Risk Management
  • 10.3 Module Test
  • 11.1 Compound Question: Breakeven Analysis
  • 11.2 Compound Question: Earn Value Management
  • 11.3 Compound Question: Earn Value Management
  • 11.4 Compound Question: Critical Path Method
  • 11.5 Compound Question: Economic Analysis
  • 11.6 Compound Question: Economic Analysis
  • 11.7 Compound Question: Economic Analysis
  • 11.8 Compound Question: Statistics
  • 11.9 Compound Question: Tracking Project Performance
  • 11.10 Compound Question: Process Product Manufacturing
  • 11.11 Compound Question: Quality Management
  • Class #1: Introduction to CCP Certification
  • Class #2: How to Write CCP Technical Paper
  • Class #3: Earned Value Management Problems Solving
  • Class #4: Breakeven Analysis Problems Solving
  • Class #5: Depreciation Problems Solving
  • Class #6: Time Value of Money Problems Solving
  • Class #7: Economic Analysis Problems Solving
  • Class #8: Statistics Problems Solving
  • Class #9: Critical Path Method Problems Solving
  • 13.1 Battery #1
  • 13.2 Battery #2
  • Course Feedback Form and Certificate

Ashutosh Maurya, PMP, CCP, PSP

On the education side Ashutosh Maurya holds Civil Engineering degree from Govt. Engineering College Jabalpur and Master Degree in Construction Management from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. He is certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute (PMI) and Certified Cost Engineer (CCE) from Association of Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) International. Ashutosh is a mutidisciplinary professional. While he is construction management professional by his education and day job profile, on the other side he proficient IT professional as hobby. Ashutosh is founder, architect and developer of Protrain.com. In spare time apart from reading tough topics of philosophy and management, Ashutosh love spending time with his wife, son and friends.

Ashutosh is founder, architect and developer of Protrain.com. In spare time apart from reading tough topics of philosophy and management, Ashutosh love spending time with his wife, son and friends.

Plan Name Price
9 Months: $ 525
6 Months: $ 425


This course provides students with a detail understanding of scope of the Certified Cost Professional Certification Examination, and prepare for it. While we have provided complete coverage of knowledge area and the concepts, this course does not provide fundamental education on the basics of cost engineering. It is expected from the student to have certain minimum education in the field of cost engineering, and importantly work experience as required to sit for the CCP certification exam . While students can ask as many numbers of questions from the trainers, however, they must understand that the objective of this course is not to provide elementary education in cost engineering but to help students sit for CCP Exam.


AACE International recommends texts for study for CCP:

1. AACE International CCC/CCE Certification Study Guide, 3rd edition (or 2nd edition if you already have it)
2. Skills & Knowledge of Cost Engineering, 5th edition (4th edition if you already have it)
3. Recommended Practices RP 11R-88 and RP 10S-90.



Book #1 and #2 costs $50 each for AACE International members and can be purchased from AACE website. Recommended Practices RP 11R-88 and RP 10S-90 are available for free download at AACE International website.