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AACE International’s Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP) certification program is designed to establish credentials for the Planning and Scheduling Professionals. This certification program gives professionals a means to validate their skills and knowledge to international professional practice standards in the domain of project planning and scheduling.

PSP certification will distinguish you as a Planning & Scheduling Professional who has the knowledge and skills those are required to ensure that the project time objectives are met. AACE’s PSP certification provides an exam and experience validation that lets employers identify those who meet the program’s competency standards.

About the PSP Review Course offered by Protrain:

In addition to help you prepare for PSP certification, this course will also provide you with comprehensive understanding of Planning and Scheduling skills and knowledge areas based upon AACE International body of knowledge. This course is based upon ‘PSP Study Guide, 1rd ed’ and ‘Skills and Knowledge for Cost Engineering 5th ed’ both published by AACE International.

This course is delivered through instructor led Online Classes, supported by Online Quizzes and an Online Study Group. Online Study Group helps to facilitate the students-to-students interaction and student-to-trainer discussions and knowledge sharing. Student can post all their queries for the trainer to respond, and discuss with the course participants. All study materials – lecture recordings, quizzes and discussion will be made available for the full subscription period of Six Months so when you will do your self-study for the certification all the study material will be available for your use.

Course will start with detail introduction of PSP Certification followed by three knowledge modules – Module 1: Concept Overview, Module 2: Planning and Module 3: Scheduling.

Online Classes Plan:

Below is the module time plan:

  • Introduction and Housekeeping     2:00 hours
  • Module 1: Concept Overview          3:00 hours
  • Module 2: Planning                          6:00 hours
  • Module 3: Scheduling                      7:00 hours
  • Problem solving session                  2:00 hours

Protrain is an Approved Education Provider (AEP) of AACE International. This course has been approved by AACE International Education Board. Upon successful completion of the course we will issue you a certificate for 20 PDU that can be used to fulfill the maintenance requirements of other certifications.

Prospective Audience:

This course is intended both for those who are interested in becoming PSP certified, as well as, for those professionals who want to augment or brush up their Planning and Scheduling knowledge.

Potential course audience would be Project Managers, Planning Engineers, Planning Managers Project Controls Managers, Project Managers and Cost engineers, and all those professional who are associated with project planning and scheduling. The course is also meant for professionals in the areas of administration and finance interested in gaining insight of project time management techniques.

Course Pricing:

$300 (US Dollar Three Hundred Only). The Course Fee includes, Participation in all the Instructor-led Online Classes + Access to PSP Study Group + Quizzes + Access to the course recordings for the 6 Months period from the day of subscription.

Course Demo: Class Recording and Quiz


Course Highlights

Credits: 2.4 CEU = 24 PDU PDU Certificate: Yes Practice Questions: Yes

Mode: Instructor-led Online Classes  Online Lectures Recordings: Yes  Online study Group: Yes

1. Getting started with PSP certification
1.1 All about PSP certification

1.2 How to take this course

1.3 Course Navigation

1.4 Download Area

1.5 Lesson Release Schedule

2. Concepts Review
2.1 Earned Value Management

2.2 Critical Path Method

2.3 Delay Analysis Methods

2.4 Schedule Compression

3. Planning
3.1 What is a project

3.2 Understanding planning

3.3 Planning Terminologies

3.4 Planning Development

3.5 Planning Product

4. Scheduling
4.1 Introduction to Scheduling Methods

4.2 Schedule Development

4.3 Schedule Maintenance and Control

5. Problem Solving
5.1 Writing Memo Question answer

5.2 Problem Solving Tips and Tricks

6. Practice Questions
6.1 Single Question Battery

6.2 Single Question Battery

6.3 Single Question Battery

6.4 Compound Question Battery

6.5 Memo question

7. Course Completion
Course Feedback Form and Certificate

Ashutosh Maurya, PMP, CCP, PSP

On the education side Ashutosh Maurya holds Civil Engineering degree from Govt. Engineering College Jabalpur and Master Degree in Construction Management from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. He is certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute (PMI) and Certified Cost Engineer (CCE) from Association of Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) International. Ashutosh is a mutidisciplinary professional. While he is construction management professional by his education and day job profile, on the other side he proficient IT professional as hobby. Ashutosh is founder, architect and developer of Protrain.com. In spare time apart from reading tough topics of philosophy and management, Ashutosh love spending time with his wife, son and friends.

Ashutosh is founder, architect and developer of Protrain.com. In spare time apart from reading tough topics of philosophy and management, Ashutosh love spending time with his wife, son and friends.

Plan Name Price
6 Months: $ 300


This course provides students with a detail understanding of scope of the Certified Cost Professional Certification Examination, and prepare for it. While we have provided complete coverage of knowledge area and the concepts, this course does not provide fundamental education on the basics of cost engineering. It is expected from the student to have certain minimum education in the field of cost engineering, and importantly work experience as required to sit for the CCP certification exam . While students can ask as many numbers of questions from the trainers, however, they must understand that the objective of this course is not to provide elementary education in cost engineering but to help students sit for CCP Exam.


AACE International recommends texts for study for CCP:

1. AACE International CCC/CCE Certification Study Guide, 3rd edition (or 2nd edition if you already have it)
2. Skills & Knowledge of Cost Engineering, 5th edition (4th edition if you already have it)
3. Recommended Practices RP 11R-88 and RP 10S-90.



Book #1 and #2 costs $50 each for AACE International members and can be purchased from AACE website. Recommended Practices RP 11R-88 and RP 10S-90 are available for free download at AACE International website.